224 Valkyrie TC Contender at 1,300 Yards

When Federal first announced the 224 Valkyrie they boasted a 1,300 yard supersonic capable cartridge. Since then there have been many people unhappy with the performance of their rifles. Here at Match Grade Machine we have been having great results with the 224 Valkyrie and factory produced ammunition. After a great performance at 1,000 Yards we decided it was time to go out and push it to the edge at 1,300 yards using a Thompson Center Contender G2 equipped with our barrel, a Vortex Viper optic and Silencer Co Omega Suppressor. Not only were we going to test the rifles capabilities but we made a video to share with you guys and show our results. The video was uploaded to our YouTube channel where we will be posting more rifle tests, cartridge comparisons, and Q&A goodies.

224 Valkyrie Long Range Performance

In the next couple of weeks we plan to include long range performance with the 350 Legend from Winchester, also a comparison including the 6.5 PRC from Hornady. Our future videos will be influenced by our followers on all our social media including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube so be sure to follow us where ever you have an account to stay up to date and help us decide what to test next. We will be creating troubleshooting videos and content on our site for common issues people have with their TC Contender or Encore rifles. Our website will get more updates including our top ten most asked questions we get where we answer as in depth as possible to help get you an answer faster at any time of day.