Before you Order

Match Grade Machine’s information before you order..

We’ve set up our shopping cart to allow you to build a custom barrel by choosing from a number of option menus. As you go through the process, you can refer to the description for links to pictures. We’ve included a good list of things that you may want to see before you order such as muzzle brakes and fluting.

As time allows, we will try to have a picture of every option available so you can see it before you order it. If you are not sure of what options you would like to have on your barrel, please read our FAQ. We have tried to make it as comprehensive as possible to clear up any questions you might have. If you are still uncertain after reading that information, please feel free to give us a call.


We require a 100% payment to start a barrel. You can pay with a credit card, check, over the telephone (435-628-0071), PayPal or C.O.D. (cash or cashiers check).


We warranty all our work. If you get a barrel that you believe is defective or has a problem with the machine work, we will take care of it. By “take care of it”, I mean we will replace the barrel if it is necessary or we will simply fix the problem if that’s what it needs.

Delivery Time

It’s our goal to keep our production time to 4 weeks. When you order a new barrel expect 4-6 weeks to delivery unless you are informed otherwise. For special twist rates or special barrel blanks it will usually take longer because we have to order that in before we can start it. USA Domestic Sales and Shipping Only.

Any additional changes after initial order comes in will be subject to a reset of delivery time.  Which will be 4-6 weeks from any change made.