Marshal Sip

Justin, thanks for all your help on this! I hope from your advice I don’t have to try 3,000 combos! I will have the advantage of air gauging every barrel so we will know to the .0001” that the diameters are.

Speaking of jags, we will have a non-spin jag on the end of an included rod with each barrel. This jag will be the same length and thread as a Spinjag so seamless changeovers are a possibility. We may stock some Sponjags to save customers the hassle and shipping cost.

I bought some Montana 209 cleaner, but we also have BBS so we’ll give both a chance. Again, we are testing just to give knowledge and expertise to make this easier and cheaper for everyone.

Marty over at Haus of Arms is covering the G2 forend issue. These G2 barrels will be the standard bull configuration, but the standard bull forend won’t work due to the ramrod. Revolution has a sample barrel en route so they can mate up a perfect forend! I believe they’ll have all of their laminate colors as well as walnut.

Luke over at ASG and I developed a more robust ML forend adapter that isn’t held on by a measly 6-48 screw. Instead it’s a .359”x60 size dovetail profile drifted in. This gives much more strength while only going .08” into the barrel. These will also be included on the Encore barrels, and will allow factory forends to fit perfectly.