Settling in for what could be hours in the brush blind, I offered up a few light clucks, followed by a soft hen-yelp. Averting my gaze just long enough to slip the call back in a pocket, as I looked up a red head materialized, obviously searching for the source of the call.

Already in range but still on my neighbors’ side of the fence, the IMMEDIATE challenge lay in getting the World’s Most Accurate Revolver up and into position without being busted! Most of that movement was accomplished as the gobbler hopped through the barbed-wire. On he came, directly toward me. With NO time to waste, I confirmed a good beard through the 2.5X scope about the same time I realized the gobbler was closing fast, but in position for the perfect shot right now!

Consciously aware to not get the crosshairs too far into the body, but do it NOW, the crisp trigger broke as the big Tom collapsed in a heap! The shot was thirty-five yards, and he was on the ground literally within thirty seconds of my first note on the box call.

The 30 grain Hornady V-Max at 1850 feet-per-second from the 7.5″ barrel of the .22 WMR Freedom Arms performed as impressively as hoped on the nice 23 pound gobbler. He dropped instantly and decisively to the craw shot, with no damage to the breast meat whatsoever.

Some might consider this not much of a hunt. But after being totally SKUNKED last season, and investing many hours this season with nary a peep, I consider this hunt no less than EPIC!

"No brag; just fact!"- Will Sonnett

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