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    James Smith

    40 year Contender shooter here, 40 year handloader as well. For reasons I cannot explain but don’t care to worry about, I want to build a .32 S&W Long carbine barrel for the Contender frame. I’d like to be able to work up an 85~90gr lead soup can loads for plinking squirrels in the back yard with fast powders, keeping velocity low and noise to a minimum. At the same time, I’d like to be able to work the other end of the spectrum using heavy cast or jacket bullets, possibly even powered by H110, for 100m coyote shots. I do not want a .32 Mag or .327, I want to explore what the .32 S&W Long is capable of in a closed breach tube. I’m thinking an 18″ bull barrel might be a good start. I just can’t figure out the sights.

    Any thoughts?


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    Charles Wright

    I’m a 32 long fan myself. I had a Rossi single shot stubbed into a 32 a few years ago but I sold it. For sights I would use a 2 or 2.5 power fixed scope

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    I like your project. I have been wanting to have a carbine Encore barrel made for 30 Carbine and also 25-20. I bought a Blackhawk 30 Carbine about 20 years ago. Never understood why people would want reduced loads. Well that Blackhawk taught me why. I can’t stand 30 Carbine full power loads in a revolver. Talk about obnoxious. So it sat in the safe for about 15 years. Then I got the wild hare to get a Lee 115 gr mould, make some gas check bullets and try some trail Boss. They worked great but gas checks were a pain, expensive and un-needed so I machined .100″ off the top of the mould which cut away the “heal” of the bullet where the gas check attaches and left a wonderful full diameter (.308″) base lead flat nose bullet. They weigh about 98 Gr. made of wheel weight lead. With a small amount of Trail Boss powder they chrono around 850fps, no recoil, very low sound. Kinda like shooting a 22 pistol but less noise. The accuracy is shocking. Now I would like to have a 30 Carbine barrel made for my Encore. Maybe 20″ and try some of the light hollow point .308 bullets or Hornady Short Jackets along with my cast bullets. I think it would be fun to build a 25-20 on the same lines. Quiet is good.


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