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    I’m about to order a new 357 maximum barrel for my G2 contender pistol and I’m trying to decide what length to order. Im leaning towards a 10in since I already have a fantastic 15.8in MGM 6.5 Grendel barrel for long range hunting/target shooting. This barrel would be used for short range work out to 150yds.  Would the 10in be sufficient or should I go longer?

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    I would stick with the 10″ in the T/C pistol if you are limiting to no more than 200gr projectiles.

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    Darcy Tyndall

    I really like the 357 Maximum as a cartridge, but have had so much trouble with my factory barrel!

    It would shoot great one day (1.5″ or better), and the next group 3.5″ or worse at 100.

    I initially gained my experience with this cartridge back when I was fairly new to pistol caliber loading for rifle barrels.  So there was a learning curve there.

    My factory chamber has a throat so incredibly long that I when I checked the lands location with a 225 grain cast Semi-wadcutter bullets and my Hornady overall length chamber all gauge, the bullet sits out about 1/8″ outside of the case before it contact the lands!  That has to be 1 3/8″ worth of free bore!  Yikes!  Seems silly for them to chamber a barrel this way, and expect a customer to be happy with the accuracy potential.

    MGM barrels wouldn’t be chambered like this!

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