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    Wild Bill

    I have 4 MGM barrels. 3 barrels are Encore; 25-06, 358 Hoosier and 460 S&W. 1 Contender in 300 Blackout. All shoot sub-MOA except for the 460 S&W. I have shot factory and reloads. With the 460 I shoot groups at 100 yards of 2 shots touching and one 3 or 4 inches high. I have shot 200, 250 and 300 grain bullets and varied the powders and weights. Most accurate powder is Lil’Gun.

    I understand that the 460 SW is cantankerous and finicky

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    white eagle

    Greetings I have had 3 MGM barrels a 6.5 Creedmoor,220 Swift and a 475 Linebaugh
    I sold the 6.5 and am building a ar10 platform for it instead
    the swift is described in another post and the Linebaugh is a 9″ handcannon
    I shoot hand cast 400 gr boolits and 350 gr Hawk bullets out of it

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    Gary Pesnell

    I have two MGM barrels. One is in 308 Winchester, the other in 35 Whelen for Primitive Weapon season in Louisiana. Both are sub-MOA shooters. I went to MGM after terrible experiences with factory TC barrels. The chambers in 35 Whelen barrels were so bad that once fired factory ammo brass had the heads falling off in the tumbler. TC sent me five barrels like that over a period of a few months. I ordered one from MGM and loved it. I want another barrel for hunting this fall. I have one area where the range is outside of our normal hunting ranges. I am considering a 300 H&H barrel for hunting there. Hopefully, I can do this before the fall hunting season.

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    Wild Bill

    I have heard that some shooters have problems with the S&W made barrels `but I guess that I was lucky. My 7mm Mag that I bought with my Encore package shoots very well. I took a nice whitetail buck the first year hunting with it in West Virginia.

    Gary, I have a question; “How does a 35 Whelen classify as a Primitive Weapon?”

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    Darcy Tyndall

    Hello fellow shooters!  My name is Darcy, and I presently have “O” MGM barrels.  I live in northern Canada, and I am looking into ordering a few different barrels for my Pro-Hunter frame, and my G1 Contender Carbine frame.

    There appears to be some difficulty in getting these rifle barrels here in Canada.

    The company I work for (Bullets And Broadheads shooting Center) tasked me to run their firearms section of the business.  So here I am researching ways to bring in premium barrels like this.  I sure hope we do not run into any issues getting g them here!


    While I am here, I might as well give you a run down of my present T/C projects

    I have 2 different T/C Custom shop (Fox Ridge Outfitters) Contender Carbine barrels s far.  One blued barrel, 21 long, bull taper in 6mmTCU.  One barrel, stainless, bull taper, 21″ long and chambered in 7-30 Waters.

    Both barrels are great shooters!  I have shot the TCU out to 600 yards on steel, and use the 7-30 Waters on our big whitetails, Mule Deer, elk, and black bears.  I have been very impressed how it performs on game!


    I have been really wanting to get another barrel for my Encore platform in 30-30Win.  I have an endless supply of free brass for this caliber, but want a more precise, accurate platform than the traditional lever action rifles.  The appeal of using high quality, ballisticly efficient bullets in this case intrigues me!

    I have been debating between 30-30 Winchester and 30-30 Winchester Improved.  I have shot a few improved cartridges over the years, and feel that the slight increase in case capacity would benefit the 30-30Win. case performance that little bit to shoot 168 grain bullets in the velocity envelop of the standard calibers 150 grain bullet.  This would really aid this rifle in allowing the bullets to perform well in game animals.


    What are your thoughts on this adventure?

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