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    Here’s my submission for the KYL Challenge for the Rifle category.  I’m terrible out of practice, and don’t have a decent shooting bench at home yet…  Made it all the more challenging!

    My setup here is a TC Encore with MGM 22 K Hornet barrel, Nikon Monarch 5-20 Scope, Stratton hanger bar, suppressor and Tony Gettel Stock set.  I still shoot supersonic, but the 22 K Hornet sounds like a weak 22 short with the suppressor, and even without hearing protection, I don’t get any ringing in my ears.  I had cap guns when I was a kid that were louder…

    Load is:

    13.5 gr L’il Gun

    CCI 400 small rifle primer

    Nosler Brass

    40 gr Sierra Blitzking.

    When I’ve been shooting regularly, I can keep this load inside 1/2″

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