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    Clay Hunter

    The endless debate… I realize this can quickly become the Ford/Chevy debate, but debate it we will!

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    I like big bores like the 44 mag and 45 colt, but the 7.62X39 from a 10″ Encore has been doing very well.

    Both of these were taken with 154gr JSP.

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    Bill Stewart

    For deer I have been very happy with my 35 Remington Rimmed that I shoot from a 16″ stainless MGM Contender barrel. Mine is based off of a 30-40 Krag case, but others have done the same thing using 303 British cases.

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    white eagle

    I like big bores too

    I have a 9.5″ 475 Linebaugh just got it last year no chance to harvest anything with it

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    While I do not hunt anything other than paper you would be hard pressed to find a better cartridge than the 357 maximum. If loaded correctly it can shoot as well as the 308 with a lot less recoil.

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      Gotta agree that the .357 Maximum is a real gem of a cartridge. A 24″ stainless MGM barrel is high on my want list (before next deer season), and should extract a lot of ballistic potential out of that cartridge. Considering my Encore measures 43″ with its 28″ .243 barrel, a 24″ .357 Maximum barrel would transform it into a SMOKIN’ little 39″ carbine!

      "No brag; just fact!"- Will Sonnett

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    I am patiently awaiting a 15.8 inch 6.5 grendel barrel for my G2 Contender pistol. I too usually go the big bore route for hunting cartridges. My performance center  500 S&W revolver and 450 bushmaster Ruger American  are two of my favorites. However I wanted to do something different this time. I wanted a pistol for both long range target shooting and deer hunting. The grendel is a super efficient cartridge capable of taking medium game out to 350+ yards. I can’t wait to try it out. Here are some ballistics for a 123gr sst out of a 16in barrel.

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    Sorry the image didn’t upload, but according to my ballistics calculator a 123gr SST with a muzzle velocity of 2450 fps is still going over 1900 fps at 350yds with around 1,000 ft lbs of energy. Not to shabby for such a small cartridge.

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    I’m something of a recoil wimp, so I prefer the smaller bores/calibers.  The biggest thing I have in a CFR caliber is a 308, but I haven’t shot that one enough to even get a good load worked up for it.  I really like my 6×45 MGM barrel, but normally deer hunt with a 357 Maximum 18″ Stainless MGM barrel on my Encore.  Plenty of punch and reach, and very little kick.  I’ve taken a few deer with a subsonic 300 Blackout MGM, as well.  I liked the rifle so much, I got an Encore pistol receiver and ordered in a MGM 300 Blackout for hunting in the thick woods.  Using a 220 gr bullet at subsonic velocity and suppressor, it’ll put the wammy on them, not kick, and hearing protection not required!

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