Winchester 350 Legend Bullet Drop Comparison

The new Winchester 350 Legend has been touted as a high performance hunting cartridge, here at Match Grade Machine we don’t just believe in marketing hype so we took our Thompson Center Encore equipped with our own MGM barrel to test the performance of the first factory ammunition offerings from Winchester. We tested the 145g full metal jacket target and practice ammo as well as the 180g soft point Super X from Winchester. We checked velocities on both types of ammunition while establishing a zero on the rifle. The rifle was zeroed for 100 yards but Winchester has marked on their boxes of ammunition that they put a 150 yard zero for their suggested ballistic drops. While at our shooting range we set up multiple steel targets for checking bullet drops at different distances starting with 100 yards for a zero, 200, 250 and 300 yards since those are the distances Winchester has data for on their factory boxes of ammo. Our rifle had a Vortex Razor gen II sitting atop our own 20 MOA full picatinny scope base that we offer. I was impressed with how fast the bullets were arriving to the 300 yard target and getting an audible ring back. I have shot many high power bottle neck cartridges to those distances and the 350 legend was very similar with short flight times delivering large amounts of energy on target. While we shot these targets multiple times at each distance this was not an accuracy test or comparison, while it will get you an idea of its performance I am confident there is more precision to be had with taking more time each shot and getting a better rest for the rear of the rifle. The primary reason for this video was to establish bullet drop for each range to help people make clean ethical shots on game out to 300 yards proving that it is capable.