About Us

Quality Custom Gun Barrels

Match Grade Machine is located in Hurricane, Utah. While we may be a new company our machinists have a combined 30 years in the business of building Thompson Center Encore & Contender, Savage Pre-Fits & Rem/Age barrels.

Match Grade Machine

Thompson Center Encore 30-30 Ackley Improved in Stainless Steel

We at Match Grade Machine take pride in every product by using high-quality machines and tools. We strongly believe that products can not be compliant if made with inferior equipment.

Machinists use great care, patience and assiduity during the turning and contouring processes to help insure concentricity to the bore. That is the reason why our barrels are turned on high-quality manual engine lathes.

Machining a concentric barrel is critical when it comes to chambering. Producing a out of round barrel will result in an over-sized chamber.

Once the lathe work has been completed, the barrels move to the Lagun knee mill to be finished.  It’s critical to have a machine with the ability to hold tolerances. For example, customers can imagine what it would be like to have scope base hole or holes that were drilled .005 off center. Even with such a small slip like that, it will tilt the scope base, severely.  We guarantee all machine work to be dead on, so that things like that won’t happen.

Unlike most barrel makers, Match Grade Machine products are built entirely in house.  Using a Fadal VMC 15 machining center.  The under-lug, extractors, and locking bolts must fit perfectly in order to achieve a consistent and solid lockup on the frame.  Through the use of solid aircraft grade steel to machine these parts, our machinists have achieved solid lockup on each frame. They are able to be diligent in the process of making adjustments as needed by building all parts in house. This allows a tighter tolerance for our products as opposed to sending the work out of house.