What Our Customers Are Saying:

I would like to extend my appreciation to the staff at Match Grade for there speedy service and excellent customer service. Your barrels come well package and show superb craftsmanship.

Got the barrel, in process of load work up and break in of barrel . Barrel is everything I could ask for, top notch chambering and machine work. Thanks

I received my 350 Rem Mag barrel yesterday. I am very pleased with your promptness and service. I am also pleased with the over all appearance and most of all quality of the barrel. I shot it for the first time this morning and it performed beautiful. Shot a very tight group at 100 yds. (3/4 inch) Thanks for everything, my next barrel will be from you.

Thanks for another great barrel. 9 shot break in.  After sight in, picture of last 4 shots say it all.

I just want to let you know how pleased I am with the 6.5 TCU barrel I purchased from MGM.  The fit and finish was outstanding.  The Muzzle break was so well fit that the seam is not visible.  I have yet to see a finish on the bore of a barrel that is a smooth as the one from MGM.  It is so well polish that there is little to no copper build up even after 50 rounds.  Just fire forming the brass I was able to achieve 1.0 – 1`.5” groups at 100 yards.  I expect it will be better once I get the fire formed brass loaded.

Thank you again for the excellent quality and workmanship.  Even the Packaging and shipping was “top shelf”

I just recieved my barrel and it looks very nice. I appreciate everything that all of you do for me.

Thank you and tell the techs thanks also. Have a great day !

My new 7 Mag barrel came today and I gotta tell you, it looks great. I can’t wait to shoot it. Thanks guys, I’ll be filling everybody in on how it shoots when it warms up a little. Good job MGM staff.

I would first like to say, THANK YOU MGM FOR A JOB WELL DONE. This is my first barrel from MGM and have only shot fire forming loads in it so far. Judging from the accuracy from the fire form loads I can only imagine what is to come when load development starts. With this barrel and a STINGER stock set from Gunstocks Inc. that I cut finger grooves into and finished this made the best looking Encore I own.

MGM does make the very BEST of gun barrels by far .

The gun shoots GREAT now!  Better than it ever did!  The barrel doesn’t hang up on anything, brass ejects just fine, no lock up problems, it all works great!!!  Thanks a LOT for all you did with this situation.  You guys certainly went above and beyond anything I would have expected.  I am about to finish the break in period, and will start working on a load in the next coule days.
Thanks a million!

I just got the barrel and did the break in period tonight. It’s a great barrel. Very happy I went with yall.
I am looking forward to putting many more rounds through it.