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Join our T/C MGM Email Club. The club is ran almost exclusively through emails, with a combination of social posts as well. We allow you to pick and choose which lists you’d like to be included on, which can always be changes and altered later.

We are serious about sending out exclusive deals, exciting announcements, as well as great tips and tricks for all aspects of shooting.

Often our emails will be combinations of one, two, or all of these. Other times it will be individual ones pertaining to just the list topic. We will never send out more than 2-3 emails max a month no matter which list you’re on, so rest assured we won’t spam you.

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We don’t spam, we just love! We don’t anticipate sending out more than 2-3 emails total per month max. Anything more than that is way to much work!

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Monthly Newsletter

Stay in the know with our monthly newsletter. We’ll include helpful tips and tricks, our latest velocity testing, and more.

Exclusive Deals

Interested in deals and specials for all things Thompson Center? Then make certain you’re subscribed to our deals list.


Wanting to know about the latest and greatest? We’ll have announcements from us as well as our friends in the industry to keep you on the cutting edge with information.


Would you like all of the above? Then our Elite list is for you. Remember you will receive max 2-3 emails per month because anything more than that would kill our writers!

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