Savage, Rem/Age, & Ruger Precision Rifle Pre-Fit Barrels

Match Grade Machine Precision Pre-Fit Barrels

Remage Barrels – Savage Pre-Fit Barrels

Now offering Savage Pre-Fit Barrels & Ruger Precision Rifle Pre-Fit Barrels!

All types of shooters can appreciate the ability to easily modify the Savage system by allowing one action to accept a number of different calibers.  With Match Grade Machine the customer has the flexibility to choose from a number of different calibers, contours, finishes, threading, fluting and everything in between.  You can always guarantee that our technicians are highly educated in the pre-fit barrel building process.

Please note that pre-fit barrels should be installed by a qualified individual.   Verify that you have the correct shank size and bolt face before ordering.

Ruger Precision Rifle Pre-Fit Barrels & Rem/Age Pre-Fit Barrels

Also offering Rem/Age style pre-fit barrels!

**Rem/Age Inventory Coming Soon!! Call now to order a custom Rem/Age**

The term Rem/Age refers to combining the best of both, Remington 700 and Savage.  These barrels have no shoulder to headspace from, and are similar in design to the Savage Pre-Fit barrels. They require a lock nut that utilizes the same wrench as a Savage nut, but have different internal threads. Therefore, a Remage nut is required and sold separately. Using this system allows enthusiasts to change barrels within minutes, this allows for some serious money savings. Shooters have the option of buying several complete guns to have different calibers, or they can simply buy one rig and have multiple barrels. One receiver, stock, trigger, and even scope can be used instead of buying everything multiple times.

Please note that pre-fit barrels should be installed by a qualified individual.

Our technicians laser etch the MGM logo and caliber at every 120° so that no matter where your receiver hits you can always see it!

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