357 Magnum & 357 Maximum Load Data

At Match Grade Machine we strive to build to build the best barrels on the market.  To do so, we test our products to make sure we are providing a product that is just that!  The following tests were conducted to provide our customers with load information in our 1:16″ barrels, as well as stability testing with the 1:20″ twist barrels. In the 1:16″ 16.25″ barrels, we tested loads from subsonic .38 Special to a stout .357 Maximum and everything in between.  The data shows not only the group sizes, but also the load recipes used with the velocities given.  The 1:20 tests at 100, 200 and 300 yards proved that with a rifle length barrel, any commercially available bullet will stabilize in any weight!  From this data you can rest assured that these cartridges will ensure success at the range and on your next hunt!