Custom Barrel Break-In & Cleaning Procedures

MGM-Custom-Barrel-Break-In-&-Cleaning-ProceduresOne of the common questions our new barrel owners ask us when they first get their barrel is “What is the barrel break-in and cleaning procedures you guy recommend?”

MGM Barrel Break-In & Cleaning Procedures

  • First 15 shots – Clean the barrel after EACH shot **
  • Next 50 shots – Clean every 3-5 shots for the next 50 shots **
  • Your new MGM custom barrel is now broken-in!

Note: Our shop guys say rather than wasting ammunition on break-in, this is a great time to begin load development. Zero the scope over the first 5 shots, and start shooting for accuracy with 5-shot groups for the next 50 shots. Same thing applies to fire forming cases for improved or wildcat cartridges. Just firing rounds down a barrel to form brass without any regard to their accuracy is a mistake. It is a wast of time and barrel life.

**Cleaning the barrel” means: Using a plastic coated cleaning rod, a good quality bronze brush & patch tip, flannel patches and a quality bore solvent. Side Note: If brushes are not to your liking, substitute them with bore paste.

  • Saturate a patch with pore solvent, run the patch thru the bore (from breech end ONLY) twice to remove powder fouling and wet the bore.
  • Saturate the bronze brush with solvent & make 20 passes through the barrel (10 Cycles).
  • Let the solvent soak in the barrel for 10 minutes.
  • Saturate the brush with the solvent again. Making 20 more passes (10 cycles) thru the barrel.
  • Push 3 clean patches thru the barrel to remove excess solvent and loosened fouling.

Your MGM barrel cleaning is now complete. To insure the highest barrel quality, you should repeat this cleaning procedure every 20-25 shots. Failure to do so could result in excessive build up of fouling in the bore causing accuracy to deteriorate.

* To store, ALWAYS push a patch with gun oil thru the barrel.

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