In our endless efforts for improvement, we have completed an extensive R&D project focusing on a release of new Contender G2 only calibers. We developed a new lug that will only allow these new calibers to be compatible with only the Contender G2 frames. This new design will allow Contender G2 users to install these barrels and function flawlessly, however original Contender users will not be able to install these barrels or lock them into place. Need help determining what you have? Please see the below images that show the most obvious difference between the two frames without any disassembly.

Listed below are the newest line up of Contender G2 only calibers for 2018. Please note that some of these have instructions next to them. We were advised to only allow steel mounts and three rings on the big boomers by multiple sources when we started this project. Our testing confirms that an aluminum mount or one piece design will not handle the recoil of the larger calibers. By using the required (some calibers) MGM scope base this will help save scopes and produce the best accuracy possible.

Contender G2 Only Calibers 

·         22PPC

·         224 Valkyrie

·         6MM PPC

·         6MM AR (6MM Grendel)

·         6MM AR Turbo 40*

·         6MM Hagar

·         6MM X 30-30 AI

·         25 X 30-30 AI

·         25 X 35 AI

·         6.5mm Grendel

·         6.5MM X 30-30 AI

·         6.8 SPC II

·         7.62 X 39mm

·         30-40 Krag AI

·         300 Savage (MGM Scope Base Recommended)

·         7.92 X 33mm Kurz

·         375/444 Marlin 455 Shoulder (MGM Scope Base)

·         .405 Win (MGM Scope Base)

·         .444 Marlin (MGM Scope Base)

450 Bushmaster testing in progress (MGM Scope Base)

We are going to continue to bring more calibers available for the G2 models.

*All orders will have to be taken over the phone for these new offerings for now. Our website is currently being updated to allow purchase of these barrels through our online barrel builder. We also don’t have any of these barrels in stock ready to ship yet. Custom orders are still only 4-6 weeks out unless otherwise specified.*

If you don’t already have a Contender G2 receiver, then now is the time to buy! TC Arms is offering a $75 rebate on new Contender G2 purchases! See here!

Haus of Arms has frames in stock and ready to ship, and a great way to spend the $75 rebate is towards a trigger job from them while they already have it! Check out their website and see all the goodies they have to offer: Haus of Arms home page

Please follow all hand loading guidelines and shoot safely!

Which Contender do you have?

Contender G2: Notice the raised metal around the edges.

This original Contender does not have any raised edges.